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The flexible & powerful way to advertise online.

Get your business to the top of Google.

Google Ads (PPC) is the only way you can guarantee your website being found at the top of Google. If anyone ever tells you they can guarantee to get you there organically…. THEY ARE LYING.

Google Ads can be very daunting and confusing but done right also very rewarding. Let us manage your campaign with a budget you can afford to get the best results for your budget.

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How 121 Create’s Your PPC Campaign


The first thing we do is get to understand your business goals – do you want to drive more website traffic, get more phone calls or store visits?
Then, we identify your audience. Google ads allow’s you to be extremely granular when choosing your target audience using parameters such as location, device, age and gender to hone in on the most relevant people.

Most important though, is the keyword research, this is where our expertise comes in to find the right search terms and phrases for your product or service. These determine when your ads will show, so finding the right keywords is vital!

How 121 Manages Your PPC Campaign


We will take personal responsibility for your campaign. We have been to and been trained by Google on several occasions giving us the ability to really know our stuff. Here’s how we get the most from your Adwords budget:


  • Write compelling ad copy to maximise your click-through rates
  • Create bespoke, targeted landing pages to boost conversions on your site
  • Analyse the performance constantly, making small tweaks to maximise results
  • Monitor bids, to ensure you pay as little as possible per click
  • Optimise your campaign by focusing budget on the ads that convert the most and cost the least

Work with 121 to help your business be chosen first.

We love data and use our analysis and reporting skills to reveal a hidden world of opportunity in your PPC account.

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121 Digital Marketing Have Values & A Promise.


Here at 121 Digital Marketing we put you and your business 1st, meaning you always get that personal touch and we are with you every step of the way.


Putting your business 1st and making sure everything we do for YOUR business is for the benefit of YOUR business. Everything we do is checked and double checked and we are in constant contact with you to give you the best results possible.


By keeping you informed of everything we do for your business, we also believe that your involvement is just as important. we like to give you as much or as little input into your digital marketing that you need. After all it is your business we are growing.


Month on month, week on week we looking at different ways to get you better response and engagement from all of your digital marketing campaigns.


Developing your business in the only way we know how. By making it the best it can be for you and your customers and giving you the confidence to concentrate on running your business.

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